Mistress Courtney


Want to go on a journey with Me?

If you are located within London, Surrey or Essex, I want to hear from you. 

Being a Mistress' personal slave is a very intimate and special experience which should be shared with only the most devoted slaves.  As a personal slave you will have the opportunity to develop a close relationship with Me which is different to that of a client/Mistress relationship. It is rewarding but can also be challenging as I expect only the best and most loyal subs to apply.

So what is expected of you? 

  • You must be flexible and reliable.
  • You must be discreet, honest and loyal.
  • You will be expected to contribute financially to My lifestyle – this will be discussed when you apply and rest assured I will not be making any outrageous demands, they will fit in with your budget.
  • Selflessness – this opportunity is not for those who demand things from Me.

What duties will you have?

  • To assist whenever I need you – all depending on your circumstances
  • Cleaning, ironing, gardening (summer time)
  • Depending on your skill set you will be asked to help with advertising, promotion and general admin
  • Shopping or picking up items I need – running general errands
  • Attending events with Me
  • Helping with filming days as a camera man or filming slave
  • Duties will evolve over time as the relationship deepens. 
  • Driving – this is a must -  I need someone who can pick things up for Me, take Me places etc

I am an extremely busy Mistress so only apply if you truly feel you can meet My needs. Please do not think you will be living in My house, constantly speaking with Me and getting free sessions for completing an activity. Your reward will ultimately be ‘serving Me’. I am very generous and will always reward you when I see fit. Punishments will also be given. your limits as a slave and/or submissive will always be taken into account but you must be open to growth. Acting up on purpose in the hope of a punishment or more attention will result in dismissal – I do not have time for games. 

you will have a 2 month probationary period and training will be given throughout the servitude. 

 ** No NEWBIES – must have experience within the BDSM world and must have served at least one Mistress previously. This helps you understand My needs **

So if you want to embark on a special journey with Me then send Me an email with the following information (emails missing the below will be deleted with no response). We will then arrange to discuss this role in more detail. 

Email: courtneymorganuk@gmail.com with the subject line of: Personal Slave

  • Name, location and industry
  • Availability – days, times and any responsibilities you may have
  • Why you wish to serve Me
  • Interests and limits
  • Any useful skills – driving, IT, domestic  

** If I have not seen you before in person, you will be required to book a session before your slave application is taken further and interviews are set out. **

PLEASE NOTE: I also have roles available for Twitter slaves – do you have the time to create and dedicate a profile to Me? If you are unable to serve Me as a personal slave you can grasp My attention by starting a dedicated Twitter account:

  1. Create a new account or personalise yours to show your dedication to Me
  2. Retweet, like and comment on My posts
  3. Tweet about Me – images, videos, links, websites, accounts, my Clips4Sale store
  4. Be creative
  5. Do not be needy, annoying, constantly asking Me what you should be doing – use your initiative. 

Welcome to Mistress Courtney

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